• 29 years of overall working experience
    in management, monitoring and backstopping of
    development projects with focus on agriculture, rural development, capacity building,
    institutional development and strengthening of farmer´s associations.
  • 12 years’ experience as project manager with the following positions:
    • 1988 – 1994: Project manager for rural development and education projects in Mozambique and Zimbabwe of (World House Bielefeld);
    • 2000 – 2006: Project manager for the projects “Apoio ao PROAGRI Sofala” (APROS) and “Economic Promotion of Small-scale Farmers” (PROMEC) of the Austrian Development Cooperation, implemented by Horizont3000 Development Consult.
  • Vast experienced as team leader, human resource management, reporting and financial administration of development projects with focus on the SADC region.
  • 8 years’ experience in delivering gender related training and coaching support for state
    actors and NGOs in Africa, Asia and Latin America with focus on peace building, conflict and security;
  • Several research assignments in cooperation with universities including Humboldt University Berlin, University of Bielefeld, University of Cairo, University of Melbourne, Technical University of Kenya and Strathmore University Nairobi.
  • Feasibility studies and appraisal for humanitarian and development organisations
  • Design, management and evaluation of projects and programmes on food security, reintegration of refugees, displaced persons and former soldiers, drinking water and basic health
  • Disaster prevention and preparedness
  • Land use security and mitigation of conflicts on land and water
  • Extensive experience in working for a wide range of international organisations under difficult circumstances and in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams